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Athens Virtual Clinic (PRTN Token)

Athens Virtual Clinic

Disclaimer: Information in this page shouldn’t be used to make financial or trading decisions any time.

The whitepaper, plans and any information are subjected to change at any time. No guarantees are made for the completion of any projects and developments mentions in the whitepaper, roadmap or website.

What is Athens Virtual Clinic Project?

Athens Virtual Clinic is a project use blockchain technology to provide free online heath care for people every where.  Professional team of Doctors and Engineers will provide online healthcare and useful articles for healthy life style, living with chronic disease as cancer. see our blog
Contract technical information:

Issuer wallet:

Ticker: PRTN , Total amount: 7,000,000

BitcoinTalk announcement:

Decimal points: 18.

How PRTN will complete financial cycle, "Business cycles"?

1- Monetizing all Athens Virtual Clinic platforms, and converting traffic to money, 30% of income will be used to up PRTN value.

2- Athens Virtual Clinic Shop. (soon)

Where to buy PRTN?

50% of issuer balance sales will be back to markets as risk coverage, 35% of Ads income will be used to buy PRTN from highest sell orders.

----- VinDax exchange:


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