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Obesity causes and solutions

      what is Obesity causes and solutions for this issue? obesity is a serious medical problem , it’s not just about how you look and we don’t mean people who have muscular athletes, it means an excessive amount of body fat , It can occur at any age and childhood obesity is associated with premature death in adults.
      Obesity can affect nearly every organ system and causes serious consequences, including hypertension, dyslipidemia, dysglycemia, insulin resistance ,fatty liver disease and psychosocial complications.although the accumulation of visceral/ectopic fat is a major contributor to cardiovascular and metabolic risk.

How do we know if our weight is normal, BMI Meaning?

To know if our weight is normal or not, we do this by calculate BMI (body mass index)
        BMI = weight(kg) / high(meters) squared.
The normal range is between 18.5 to 24.9 . We called it obesity when BMI is higher than 30 .
Obesity has many reasons and it is necessary to classify obesity on the basis of body fat composition and distribution

Causes :

- metabolic , genetic and hormonal factors
- eating more caloris with inactivity
- unhealthy food
- not sleeping well
- pregnancy
- some types of medicines
You have to visit your doctor to find the reasons of Obesity causes and solutions and decide the appropriate treatment.

Obesity causes and Nonsurgical solutions :

- reduce the amount of fatty food and sweets , drink more water.
- physical activity.
- healthy diet.
- regulation of glucose metabolism.
- Some medicines like (GLP_1 , FGF21/FGFR1c , the opioid system , the leptin-melanocortin_axis) Play an important role in the regulation of feeding behavior and energy homeostasis when all attempts are not feasible , we should discuss surgical solutions and discuss the preoperative risk factors and the need for advanced care before any surgical procedures.
The surgery is called “sleev gastrectomy” which done in certain conditions and patients must be watched after surgery and take care of their balanced diet.