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Her2 Positive Breast Cancer

      Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women all over world it happens at any age. Cancer which have high level of HER2 protein is called (positive HER2) . 20% of breast cancers have HER2 . It’s common in women but it also may occur in men. What is HER2_positive breast cancer? It’s a breast cancer with positive human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)


It’s human epidermal growth receptor It’s a gen which produces protein located on the surface of each breast cell ,it has a role in the normal growth of it .in some types of cancers especially breast cancer positive Her2 gen does more copies of itself so more amount of protein which causes cells division and growing more.

How to know if breast cancer is positive HER2?

By breast biopsy

●hormone receptors test( estrogen , progesterone PR)

●human epidermal growth factor receptors

IHC (immunochemistry test) and FISH (test)

Which search about more copies of HER2 gens.

●HER2+ breast cancer is more aggressive than HER- breast cancer but Treatment of breast cancer with

positive HER2 is very effective.


There are many types of treatment of breast cancer. Chemotherapy and targeted treatment against HER2 has improved substantially.

•neoadjuvant therapy : it’s given before surgery to reduce the size of the tumour. Trastuzumab is given as a directal her2 therapy as a neoadjuvant which is given by IV once a week or once every three week depending on the size of the tumour and individual risks. There is petruzumab but it causes more side effects.

•surgery : for stages I through III.

•adjuvant therapy (chemotherapy) is given after 6 weeks of surgery each 14 to 21 days and before radiation.

•when breast cancer is with positive hormone receptor endocrine therapy Like (tamoxifen , anastrazole , letrazol ) can be used which are given after chemotherapy

What about radiation therapy?

It’s given after surgery to lower the chances of cancer to return or if cancer has spread to other part of the body.

●studies show that diet plays an important role in breast cancer prevention,30% of cancer death are due to five behavior risks such as obesity, smoking , alcohol use and low fruit and vegetable intake. So eating fermented food like kefir has a role against cancer especially breast cancer, it reduces Adriamycin (doxorubicin)-induced multidrug resistance which reduces the effectiveness of chemotherapy and it increases survival rates.

Nowadays, after five years of recovery of breast cancer, patient is considered as a survivor. The survival rate of breast cancer (89%) is the highest rate of all types of cancer.