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Why do you need breast Plastic Surgery? why to go to breast plastic surgeon?

Why do you need breast Plastic Surgery? why to go to breast plastic surgeon? breast Plastic Surgery is a major surgery not because of its technique but how it influences the outlook. It’s a big decision to change the size, shape and contour of a women’s breast and make a natural proportions.

  • First of all you have to visit your cosmetic surgeon to have a long talk about its indications , technique, results and complications.

Why getting breast implants?

  • Having larger breasts and change the appearance.

  • correct symmetrical beast.

  • enhancing self-confidence.

  • reconstructing breast after mastectomy.

  • decrease your breast size after pregnancy or losing too much weight in a short period.

  • correct shrinkage.

There are two types of breast implants : one is made of silicon which is the most common type , the other is made of saline.

Breast plastic surgery Procedure

  • By making a cut in the infra-mammary fold of the breast , 1 to 2 inch scar or around the nipple or under the armpit which doesn’t make a scar on the breast itself.

  • it takes 60 to 120 minutes using general anaesthesia. You can go home a few hours after surgery and return to your daily activities after few days. Pain and swelling may last for two weeks after surgery.

Breast plastic surgery Complications, when you need to go back to your breast plastic surgeon :

Pain after breast plastic surgeon surgery , infection and allergic reaction, asymmetrical breasts, unlikely scars, rupture of the implants, changes in the nipple and breast sensation . Sometimes complications need another surgery to solve it, so you need to go back to your surgeon.

  • You have to know that breast implant doesn’t provide slouch , and it doesn’t last a lifetime , it lasts for ten years approximately, future pregnancies or weight fluctuations may affect results and it may obstructs breastfeeding. You have to stop smoking 5-6 weeks before surgery recommends to do MRI every 6 years.


● Breast plastic surgery results are often satisfied by having fully erect breast but cosmetic surgery results can sometimes not be what you were expecting.

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